The Life of a Nomad!

little insights into my nomadic travels :)

Year 2 Begins!

So I'm back at it again for another year! It feels absolutely crazy to be doing this all over again, but I feel incredibly blessed to be doing so! The reason that I chose to do a second year was... Continue Reading →


The Final Chapter….until September

So it's been a while since I wrote one of these and I thought I had better let you guys know what an end of the year it has been! I left off last time having just returned from Cliff... Continue Reading →

Festival Fun!

The last chapter in my gap year life ended with us preparing for the final Grace Academy of the year and as with the previous two was another great week! It was potentially the hardest of the three, with some... Continue Reading →

Long journeys and good fun!

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Guten Tag and whatever else takes your fancy! I'm back again with another update about my gap year! I hope you're all doing well and sitting comfortably, as it's been a great month! The first of this... Continue Reading →

I finally passed my test! (Part 2)

With Solihull done and the team rested over the weekend, we were back on the road again the following Monday for our longest mission week yet; a two weeker in the lovely city of Cambridge. The first of these two weeks... Continue Reading →

I finally passed my test! (Part 1)

So March is upon us already and I'm coming into the last 5 months of my year - how the time has flown! It literally feels like it was the other week that I arrived (late) at ETC and met... Continue Reading →

New year beginnings

It only seems like yesterday that I was sat writing my last blog and yet here I am again and we're already well into 2015! The last month or so seems to have absolutely flown by, but it's nice to... Continue Reading →

Me again!

So it's nearly Christmas and I thought I'd better write another quick little (more like an essay) blogpost to let you guys know what I have been up to on the past month and to assure you that I actually... Continue Reading →

Busy, busy, busy!

This last month has definitely been top quality and I'm absolutely loving being a part of Nomad! We've already had some amazing missions and it's great to see how we as a team have bonded, both through our work with... Continue Reading →

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