It’s been a less busy month or so, but nonetheless, Nomad have still been out and about and doing some work! Here’s the latest in our touring shenanigans!

Chawn Hill Church (27th – 28th Oct)
With Half Term upon us, it normally signifies a break in the schedule as schools are shut, however as with last year, Chawn Hill Church over in Stourbridge were holding their half term youth club and had asked us to help. So, with the cage packed up we headed over for the two days to lend a hand. It was a top few days and was something that as a young person, I would have absolutely loved! For once the cage almost took a back foot as alongside some awesome inflatables, there were Nerf Gun wars happening too!
Although we weren’t super busy, it was really great to spend some time with a solid few lads who I’d met last time and who absolutely loved the cage! Each day ended with a brief God Slot; sharing why we do what we do and a short thought for the young people to think about.

Having worked through our half term, the next week was our down week, enabling the team to take a bit of chill time and have a rest! I headed home for a few days, much to the delight of my younger brother and it was great to spend time with family and friends. With the 31st being Halloween, my church held its annual ‘Treat or Treat’ event; we set up several gazebos’ in the local park for the community to visit whilst out and about during the evening. I took the (very laborious) task of manning the Tuck and saw several kids come through and stock up on sugar and definitely not taking a few for myself… Although the same as every other year, what struck me was how many people we saw come through and the surprise on faces when people realised it was all completely free! It was definitely a highlight and hopefully is something that will stick in memories for a long time.

Great Yarmouth (6th – 11th Nov)
With the team rested and recuperated we then began our next mission to Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. This was somewhere we had been as a team last year and it was a phenomenal week and so I was looking forward to returning! Fortunately, Great Yarmouth didn’t let us  down and we had an amazing week – I don’t think we encountered a bad class during the week! The kids were amazing and having experienced Nomad before, they were all looking forward to it again and were super enthusiastic in all of our lessons. A highlight for me was definitely seeing kids that I’d got to know last year and reconnecting with them – I’ve always said how great it is to see them a year later and hear how sometimes Nomad has impacted them. As well as PE lessons, I was also asked to take a few assemblies; not something I have done a lot of before and so I was actually slightly nervous! I spoke on the theme of greatness and how actually we’re called to serve others, even if we are better than others and brought the example of Jesus washing his disciples feet to them and amazingly both year groups responded really well!
On the Wednesday, we attended the drop-in club that Ali runs after school – a place where the students can come, eat toast, play games and just chill out before heading home and it was great to spend time with students we’d connected with during the week. I even managed a few games of pool but managed an impressive 3 losses to 1 win – apparently potting the black and the white at the same constitutes immediate loss! Who knew…
Throughout the week we were also blessed with some fantastic meals as well, with both hosts providing superb company and food, as well as a cheeky trip to Frankie and Benny’s! The week ended superbly with a top last few lessons and it was genuinely one of my favourite weeks with the reminder of just how key the work we do is, not only for the young people, but teachers too!
After a long week all you want is a smooth journey home, however 3 hours soon turned into 5 after several delays including a solid 45 minutes on the M6. Being Nomad however, we stayed true to form and took the opportunity for a cheeky kick about and some evangelism!

All in all, it’s been a top month or so and it’s great to see how the team are already growing and stepping into the path God has for them! We’ve got a quieter few weeks ahead with our next mission being the ever famous Lichfield Schools Week where I cannot wait to reprise my role as Mary…!

As always, thank you so much for all of you who support me and keep me going – it really does mean a lot and if you would like to know any more about financial support or just what Nomad does, please drop me a message!

God Bless,


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Treat or Treat lighting up Hereford!
Team Talk in Great Yarmouth
Still smiling after a long week!
Traffic jam 3/3 on the way home!