Yes, I’m behind on my blogging again…but here are the last few updates from the end of the year and what is to come in these next few months!

Cliff Fest 27th – 30th May
On Nomad we always love a repeat booking and it was a pleasure to once again attend Cliff Fest (held at Cliff College) this year! It was a weekend of great fun and enjoyment before and so I was very much looking forward to be returning! This actually was a special weekend for all touring teams as it happened to be the last mission of the year that we did together and so there was a real sense of community with Nomad, The Sense and Stance all together for one final time! Similarly to last year, we were enlisted to help out in the youth venues (Pulse and Ignite); being around for the young people when prayer was needed, as well as having a laugh and making them feel as comfortable as possible! In addition to this we, of course, had the cage running during the afternoons and got a great turn out of young people; both old faces and new and it was a real blessing to reconnect with familiar faces and share how God had been at work during the year and even how he was working through the time there!
Unlike our previous camping experience this year, the weather was beautiful for most of the weekend and there was great amusement amongst all as we tried desperately to construct a small army of tents between us!

Minnesota – 8th – 24th June
Now this was a very different two weeks to normal! With the boys away in Southall and a final visit to Chawn Hill on mission, I had been asked to look after a group of musicians who had come over from America on a missions trip! Now for those of you who know me, you’ll know I am not musical in the slightest way possible! However what started as a week of unknowns turned into a truly blessed two weeks spent with some awesome people! The 15 strong clan/group/crew(?!) had come over from Minnesota and were working with YFC Minnesota back in the states during their school year performing together in local churches and took a mission trip abroad each year. This time it was the turn of the lovely UK and so I had been asked to host/look after/try not to lose them and transport them (plus some serious gear!) around Salford which is where they were staying for the most of their time.
All sorts of things happened during the two weeks with multiple schools, churches and youth groups visited where the guys performed, shared personal testimony and interacted with the kids they met and how Jesus had changed their lives!
As well as visiting Salford, we also spent a few days in Wiltshire, working with the guys at Wiltshire YFC and visiting the local schools in the area as well as a cheeky trip to London and Bath thrown in too!

North Breckland – 27th – 30th June
This was another yet another return booking and although only for a brief visit this time, it was so great to return and work alongside the guys at North Breckland YFC! It’s always slightly different as we tend to work solely in the primary schools in the area, meaning the kids are a lot younger to our normal quota, however still just as fun! It was great to see kids as young as 7 and 8 getting stuck into the cage and taken on board the Christian message that we spoke as well.

Hereford – 2nd – 10th July
And so we came to our final mission of the year and it was the one I’d been looking forward to as it was with my home church in the mighty Hereford! It’s always nice to return home but I love being able to share my passion and my heart with people that have seen me grow up and who have supported me in my work during the last two years.
We spent the week working in Bishops – my old school! – and unlike our normal schoolwork routine, this week actually happened to be Enrichment Week, meaning they were completely off timetable! So, instead of having each group for an hours lesson like normal, we ended up having each group for 2 and a half hours instead! Initially we were incredibly worried as to how the sessions would work and whether we could sustain the same group for that long, however with a few tweaks to our lessons, we had a plan and it actually worked really well! Instead of us just seeing the students for an hour, we were really able to get to know them and connect with them and have some really great chats and to top it off, a good number of them also showed up in town on the Saturday as well! Another great moment was being able to just plug back into my church and show them both how much I’d grown over the last 2 years, but how we were able to bring God to many of the young people in the area and share our faith with them too!

EOYB – 10th-13th July
And so all of a sudden, we reached the end of the year! After visiting numerous places all over the country with countless cage set ups and hours in the van; we had finally finished, with just End of Year Bash to top it all off! As with last year, EOYB was three days in London to celebrate/party/spend time together ending the year and telling stories before everyone went their separate ways! As a second year I headed up on the 10th and spent the evening with the other 3 academy girls before being joined by everyone else the next day. It was a truly special few days to end the year with some great friends and from getting soaked on the Tuesday, walking round London dressed as 90s TV characters to having communion with the Archbishop, it was a great laugh and really did leave some great memories of a top year!

And that is it for Nomad 2015/16! What a year its been with the boys and it’s genuinely been such a blessing to be on the road sharing football and faith for yet another year! As most of you know, I am actually taking over from James and stepping up to lead the team this next year meaning I get to carry on doing what I love!

For those of you that have supported me, I thank you so much, it really is a blessing to be doing something I love so much and sharing what God has taught me with young people alike! For those of you who would like to continue supporting/begin supporting me, I appreciate absolutely anything you can give, whether financially or prayerfully and please feel free to get in contact if you do want to know any more or have any questions, I am more than happy to chat!

God Bless,

Beth 🙂


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