Ola, Hello, Ciao and Bonjour!

It seems like only the other day I was getting excited about the Christmas break and as soon as it arrived it has gone and I am back working with the YFC family again!

The last few months have been a whirlwind and our busiest period of the year so far, but it’s been amazing to spend some time on the road and sharing the gospel with young people. The last date in the diary that I left you with, was after the fantastic week we spent in Coventry Grace Academy and after a few days of training and preparation, we set off again – this time to the Darlaston equivalent.
As with the previous week, I was very excited to be returning to Darlaston, as it was somewhere that we had been last year and I had really connected with a few of the young people! We were not disappointed and were greeted like old friends upon our arrival! As per usual mission week, we had a fully packed schedule with 5 lessons most days, as well as the end of week event that happened on the Friday evening. It’s always great to be able to return to places we’ve been before and the Grace Academy’s have always been great weeks for outreach as it is such a big team of us that go in!
Some of the best moments for me during the week were the moments in which we were able to just hang out with the students and simply chat with them! We spent most lunch times with the students in the lunch hall, getting to know them and just chatting! One group of kids in particular that we spent a lot of time with was a Group of Year 13 lads, who were in the Football Academy. As with normal, we took their PE lesson; playing a bit of cage football and sharing why we do what we do, however instead of just ending the day there, it was our turn to take part in their lesson and we headed outside to train with them for the next hour! This was something I absolutely loved! So often in schools you only get to meet a group of students for the short period of time in which you have them for the lesson and so it was amazing to have the time to get to know them in an environment that they were more comfortable in, as well as having a good laugh and a bit of a kickabout with them!

The next date in the Nomad diary was a return to Lichfield (our base last year) to help out Wade Street Church with their Christmas Schools Week; a week in which Year 4 classes from several different primary schools in the area come along to the church and learn about the Christmas story and its true meaning. The job of the Nomads for this week? We had the privilege of dressing up and taking part in the Nativity story which we then re-enacted to the kids before they took part in various different stations around the room. This is a week that is always a little different to usual as it didn’t involve the normal set up of the cage and schools work and we were working with kids aged 8-9 as opposed to kids in Years 8 and 9! As a whole though it was a great week and it was so good to be able to share with a total of around 500 kids during the week the true meaning of the Christmas story!

After spending the week in Lichfield, I remained for the weekend, returning to Whitemoor Lakes for Shine; an all girls weekend away that I had helped at last year. A couple of the girls from the Wade Street came along again and there were a few familiar faces around too! It was a top ending to a top week and after a slightly convoluted train journey, I made it back to Nottingham on the Sunday evening!

With a days training, a team photo shoot at Wollaton Park and a few days in Birmingham with the Academy girls, it wasn’t long before I was back in Hereford for Christmas! It was lovely to return home for a few weeks and although a little chaotic with all 5 Welford children home, complete with appropriate wives and children, it was lovely to spend time together! New Years was spent in Cambridge celebrating with friends, before all of a sudden I returned to Nottingham on the 3rd!
It was an incredibly brief stay however, as we were off to Manchester the very next day for the annual Youth for Christ Conference. This was something that I particularly loved last year as there is something so special about being a part of the YFC family and being reminded just how many there are involved! There was great teaching, some hilarious moments and some of the best moments are the ones when you get to see some of the great work that is happening all over the country. One of my personal highlights of the week was definitely making a fool of myself on stage, where I ended up playing the pants challenge in front of 400 people alongside Josh from The Sense and Beth from Stance to promote the missions teams…it’s a good job I love what I do!

So after a tiring, but brilliant week seeing old friends and hearing about the great things God is doing, it was time to return back to base and recover!
January is looking a little uneventful for us at the moment, with a few dates here and there and a final return to Whitemoor Lakes at the end of the month, before things pick up again in February with a return to Scotland on the cards!

And that brings us up to now! Thanks you so much to all those of you who have supported me over the last 2 years, it has been such a blessing and I am so excited to see what the next few months have in store! Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know anymore about what I am doing this year and your prayers are always appreciated!

God Bless 🙂



The teams after a great week in Darlaston!


Nomad Nativity! l-r Joseph, Micah, Mary and the Angel Gabriel!


Because it’s impossible to get a normal family photo…


Pants Challenge on stage at Conference!

12493833_10153879793242156_4204954299615784854_o‘Pulling up my pants’ on stage at Conference!