So I’m back at it again for another year! It feels absolutely crazy to be doing this all over again, but I feel incredibly blessed to be doing so! The reason that I chose to do a second year was simply because, as well as loving all the work that I did in the first year, I felt as though there was so much more I could learn and give back to people!
I’ll try and make sure these are less than 1000 words this year!

The year started off in the same fashion as last year with training at Whitemoor Lakes at ETC – 10 days in which all those on YFC one came together to meet and get to know each other with some great training, before being sent out into placements for the year.
Although very odd to be back with a whole new group of people, it was amazing to be able to get to know the YFC one group of 2015/16 and see some great young people of Christ equipped and ready to reach young people all over the country! It was particularly great to be able to spend some time with the other 3 girls on Academy and get stuck in to some training that really helped get us prepared for this year and life after YFC one!

After a great first week, the new team headed to Nottingham; our new base for the year! The first week was pretty chilled with a lot of getting settled into Nottingham and going over the basics of what Nomad actually is! As I already knew the ins and outs of Nomad, having done it for one year, James handed it over to me to explain some of the things to know when joining Nomad. It was initially very odd to be talking to the guys about what I had done last year, but actually found it great to be able to impart some of my knowledge (if you can call it that!) on the guys and let them know some of the things that I learnt during last year.
To top off a great week, we actually had our first official cage set up of the year at Cornerstone Church Fair; our base church for the year.

Following on from the initial week, we had more training before we hit out first schools day of the year, in the lovely town of Prestatyn in North Wales with Stance! After a long old journey up on the previous night, we then spent the day in the local High School, taking PE lessons and sharing why we do what we do!
After a successful first day, I then headed home for the weekend in order to attend my fundraising evening back in Hereford the next day. As with last year, I ran an auction, quiz and food night at church and was again, overwhelmed with the amount of support from people! It was an amazing evening, full of great laughs, fun and food, as well as the fact over Β£1000 was raised! It truly was a great night and it was great to be able to spend it with people that supported me both this year and the year before.

Having spent a lovely weekend back home, it was then onto Cleobury Mortimer on the Monday to the Pioneer Centre to help out with Explore; a schools residential in which we helped to led RE themed sessions to the students that came. Two great days were had and it was great to ease the team into some schools work!

With Explore over we headed back to Nottingham with a couple of days of training before the big event – YFC Commissioning on Saturday. Commissioning is one of the main events in the YFC calendar and is where each person who has joined YFC in the last year gets commissioned into their role, as well as being able to see some of the great things that YFC have to offer such as Stance and The Sense; just two great parts of the gap year. It was a truly great day and it was amazing to be able to see some the rest of the guys on the gap year and hear just how God had been working through them!

Commissioning done, we then had a couple of days off in which we all returned home to our retrospective areas of the country; myself to Hereford, George to Solihull, Joel to Hull, Jake to Burton and Oscar and James to Nottingham, using the time to rest and recover and spend time with family!

And that pretty much brings us up to now! With a couple of office days over the next week and a return to Whitemoor Lakes for Explore, the diary is beginning to become busy and we actually head on our first mission week to Swansea at the end of the month! Exciting times!

I hope you have enjoyed reading the beginnings/ramblings/recount of my second year with Nomad and for all those of you who support me through prayer/financially/general support, I really do appreciate every single thing you do!

God Bless! πŸ™‚



YFC One 2015/16


Academy Girls!


Prestatyn High School in full flow!


The Nomad team!