So March is upon us already and I’m coming into the last 5 months of my year – how the time has flown! It literally feels like it was the other week that I arrived (late) at ETC and met the other guys on yfc one and now we’re nearing the end – crazy! But what has the last month held with Nomad? Plenty has happened and we seem to have been very busy, but it has been great! So without further ado, here is what I have been up to over the last month!

I ended January’s blog having just come back from Christmas and packing for the next mission week in Abingdon and it was great to be back on mission again! We drove down on the Sunday where we met up with the guys who were heading up the week, as well as Stance who we were also working with that week. It was an incredibly cold week with us being stationed in the school playground the whole time but nonetheless some great conversations were had. The days were spent with us taking over lessons from the PE department as well as ‘open cage sessions’ every break and lunch in which anyone and everyone could play, thus meaning it was very chaotic! In addition to PE lessons we also helped out in the occasional RE lesson in which the students were able to ask us questions about our faith, enabling them to find out a bit more about what it’s like to be a Christian and testing us on our knowledge – young people can be very scary sometimes! The week built up to an event on the Thursday in which kids from the area could come along, take part in a cage football tournament, see Stance perform and hear a couple of our testimonies. It was a great evening in which we were able to really show the guys who came along why we do what we do and how they can see God in the simplest of things! We headed back home on the Friday evening and although it wasn’t the most organised of mission weeks, it was great to leave knowing that the work we had started would carry on!

The next week was fairly chilled and didn’t involve a great deal, with the only date in the diary being hub training on the Wednesday with the other guys in the Midlands area, however instead of heading back to Lichfield I was journeying back to Hereford for my driving test! 3rd time lucky eh?! Of course I couldn’t head back on a Wednesday without gate-crashing my old youth group and so after an hours driving lesson, spent the evening there catching up with everyone and reminding them how not so quiet I am! Thursday was the big day and I’m pleased to say that I managed to pass my driving test with flying colours (and 5 minors…) and can now drive – albeit in my non-existent car! My stay in Hereford was short lived and I was on the train back to Lichfield later that day in order to celebrate Jonny’s 21st birthday at the local Chinese all you can eat!

Our next mission saw the return of another Grace Academy’s and this time it was the turn of Solihull to encounter Nomad, Stance and Happi! It was an incredibly full-on week with 5 lessons a day most days focusing on the theme of Superheroes and sacrifice and was very similar to what we had done in Darlaston. In addition to the mission itself, we also had the pleasure of Nathan joining us for two weeks as part of his placement work with CYM and it was great to have a fifth member working alongside us!
As aforementioned, it was a very busy week and like Abingdon; incredibly cold! We set the cage up on the (second floor!) terrace, which although a great place to be, happened to act as a small wind tunnel! Nonetheless, we were able to have some great lessons throughout the week and get to know some of the students really well! Just like with the Darlaston week, the lessons that Stance, Happi and ourselves had been taking, all lead up to the end of the week event – Friday Night Live – a mini concert as such, in which the kids were able to get to know us a little better with the addition of performances and cage football! It was another great week and we all left shattered, but as though we’d done a great job!

I realised that this was going to be an incredibly long blog and so I have split it into two parts! Stay tuned for Part 2! 🙂



The team looking chilly in Abingdon!


Ready for the last day in Solihull!